Aerisi Kalinoth

The prophet of the Howling Hatred


Aerisi Kalinoth is the air prophet of the Elder Elemental Eye and leader of the Cult of the Howling Hatred. Tall and slender, with dark hair and (illusory) feathered wings that gently fan the air, Aerisi Kalinoth speaks to her people in a whisper that belies her violent temper, which reveals itself whenever she is denied.

Aerisi was a sheltered moon elf princess named Dara Algwynenn Kalinoth who grew up in a remote Faerie realm. Her parents had wished to protect her from the harsh realities ofthe world, but they only succeeded in spoiling her. When they tried to discipline their willful daughter, she used the power of elemental air against them. Soon after, her dreams led her to the ancient dwarven ruins where the spear Windvane awaited her.

Dara changed her name to Aerisi and pretended to be an avariel (winged elf) princess like the ones from her storybooks. Then Aerisi used her talents for enchantment magic to sway mortals into joining her cult. She has convinced all her followers that she is in fact an avariel, and believes it herself even though she must cast seeming each day to “reveal” her wings.

Aerisi is prone to deluded flights of fancy and impulsive decadence. She sees herself as a beautiful, fierce, and just ruler who wields elemental power because she deserves it.


Aerisi Kalinoth

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